The 2016-2017 PWAM Pin-Up Calendar has arrived…

After a rigorous summer schedule involving two overnight weekends and a catch-up session, we finished all the work for Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum’s pin-up calendar. It’s my favorite calendar yet, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • Angela - I think this is the best cover you’ve ever done! Thanks for chatting with me tonight about the calendar. When I’m in the USA again I will look you up for certain!ReplyCancel

Superman & Wonder Woman: Newlywed Denver Pin-Up Model!

Shayla, also known in the pin-up world as Shirley Yours, has posed for me on several projects now. When I heard that she and her active-duty husband had gotten married, it was decided that we simply had to take some pictures before he headed back to his duty station. I knew Shayla loved her comic book heroes after photographing her as Wonder Woman and Captain American, and she wanted to stick with that theme. Military wives are superheroines in their own right, and it warms my heart to see soldiers with strong, beautiful, and smart women like Shay behind them. What an adorable couple! Shayla’s complete gallery is in the shop.


Warbird Calendar Girls on the B-29: WWII Denver Pin-Up Photography

While shooting the calendar for Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum this summer, I took the time to take more “outtakes” than I usually do. The three ladies wearing vintage and Esther Williams repro suits posing (with a vintage polisher too, we’ll have you know!)  on the rear horizontal stabilizer of the B-29 never stopped smiling. This was such an honor to finish this project. We’ve raised a lot of money for the Museum. Looking forward to next year. Come pick up a 2015 calendar on the PWAM website:, or come find us at the 1940s Ball at Wings Over The Rockies on December 6, 2014.


Denver, Colorado Pin-Up Photography: Vintage, Warbirds, Pinup, Pin-Up, and Vintage Glamour. WWII-inspired.
NL Digital PUTM 2014_WebUse-72

  • Tim Holton - Great product. There is a huge detail missed. To really make this appealing, the women should have sheer, natural coloured pantyhose on. Boring bare legs and tattoos really don’t suit this kind of elegant photography.
    Hope it helps for next year’s printing…I would then look forward to buying one.ReplyCancel

  • Celia - Hi Tim! Thanks for your feedback! The reason we don’t typically use pantyhose with bathing suits is that it makes their toes and feet look very unnatural (even the super sheer ones). I do agree, tattoos can detract from an authentic look. Our cover girl’s tattoos were removed in post-production for the finished product for this purpose. The shots you see here are just behind-the-scenes of the ladies lounging around. I don’t typically retouch a lot of them.ReplyCancel

The 2015 PWAM Pin-Up Calendar is here!

It finally went to press! I’m so happy. I finished this labor of love while on a lifting restriction recovering from multiple surgeries over the summer. There was no way this could have happened without my crew of helpers, people who carried my bags and gear, drove me around on a lift to make it easier to get the shots I needed, dragged around the heavy lightstands, the suitcases full of wardrobe, loaded my car, unloaded my car, curled hair and reminded me to drink water. It was so important to me after these surgeries that I could feel like I could accomplish something again, and this calendar did just that for me.  Go get your copy at, or come find our booth at the 1940s Ball December 6, 2014 at Wings Over the Rockies Museum!

Denver, Colorado Pin-Up Photography: Vintage, Warbirds, Pinup, Pin-Up, and Vintage Glamour. WWII-inspired.

Colorado WWII Superheroine Pin-Up Poster!

I first met Shayla when she was competing in the 1940s Ball Pin-Up Contest. We got together a few weeks ago to collaborate on a shoot, and here is the first image from the set we took.  I simply adore old recruiting posters and love emulating their look.


Denver, Colorado Photography: Vintage, Pinup, Pin-Up, and Vintage Glamour. Wonder Woman and Old Hollywood inspired vintage beauty.

  • Dyann - I Love your pin-up photos so much! As a huge vintage aficionado myself, I would love so much to participate in the next pin-up calendar! Let me know what the process to apply might look like. Thank you so much!ReplyCancel